Here, There and Everywhere - CHANGE - A project by Gisela Engert & Eszter Láng

The idea of artists from different countries working together on a joint project seemd fascinating to me. I had already taken part in several artist symposia in various countries and I always felt that there was an exciting artistic exchange between artists of different nationalities. New inspiration and fresh impetus to the creativity of the participating artists lead to the creation of interesting works of art.

I met Eszter Láng, who lives in Hungary, at "d. fleiss & est-west artists" symposia in Romania in the years 2004 and 2007.

When TransCultural Exchange called upon artists from all over the world last year to submit proposals for joint projects of artists living in different countries (project named "Here, There and Everywhere"), Eszter and I decided to cooperate because it seemed very appealing to us to leave all language barriers behind and to bridge the gap of geographical distance and cultural differences via our artworks.

We decided to communicate solely through our paintings, by creating one piece every month during the course of one year, that represented in a way a mirror of time or a snapshot of that particular moment in time. One artist would then send her artwork to the other by email, who in turn could then reply or react to it by creating her own work.

We chose the 20x20 cm format in order to be able to see the received works exactly in real dimensions on the computer screen.

We developed a very subtle form of visual communication in the course of one year. It was our intention to express the change of emotions, state of mind, moods or situations as well as the change of seasons exclusively by colours and structures - abstraction as both, a snapshot and a summary of a time period.

The first paintings of this series were created and exchanged in April 2008 and the last ones in March 2009.

Now, at the end of the project, there are 24 artworks (12 of each artist) that in a certain kaleidoscopic way, represent change and transformation in the course of one year.

Those 24 works communicate with one another in a particular fashion. What kind of change might even be visible within the series itself and whether a transformation can be detected in the individual paintings will be shown in exhibitions in Debrecen (Hungary) and in Frankfurt (Germany).
The project will also be presented in digital form at TransCultural Exchange’s Conference on International Opportunities in the Arts in Boston (April 3-5, 2009).

© Gisela Engert - 2009 - © Eszter Láng