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Eszter Láng

L. K. University Debrecen, Hungary

Eszter Lang’s paintings have been displayed at many individual and collective exhibitions in Hungary, Romania, Poland, Serbia, Ukraine, Slovakia, France, Germany, Uruguay, Cuba, USA, Taiwan. She is a representative of lyric abstraction and informel painting.

Exhibitions (selection):

•Újpest Gallery / Budapest, Hungary
•„Ma Vannoise” / Imag’in Gallery, Lyon, France

•Gallery DOTE / Debrecen, Hungary (with Róza Sáli and Edith Szotyori)
•Casa Teleki Ház / Baia Mare, Romania (with Róza Sáli and Edith Szotyori)

•Gallery Gy. Szabó Béla / Cluj-Napoca, Romania (with Róza Sáli)

•Dom kultury / Leczna, Poland (with Róza Sáli)
•„Formes of Morovica”, Centre de culture francais / Novi Sad, Serbia

•„Lines and Nets” – Gallery Izatom-Art / Debrecen, Hungary

•„Recent Works” Casa Teleki Ház / Baia Mare, Romania
•„Recent Works” Museum of Fine Arts / Satu Mare, Romania


•2007: Special Award at the XII. International Exhibition of Miniatures, Kaposvár (Hungary)
•2008: Special Award at the I. International Convention of Modern Arts, Stuttgart (Germany)
•2008: Commemorative Medallion in International Women's Day, Budapest (Hungary), 2008


•Association of Hungarian Creative Artists (MAOE)
•Hungarian Pastel Society
•Pastel Society of Poland
•Esthediro Group
•Ateliers d’Artistes Internationaux (France, 1998-2001)
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